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When Azula nonchalantly mentioned she’d feel browsing Ty Lee’s efficiency later you to definitely nights, Ty Lee expressed known uneasiness

When Azula nonchalantly mentioned she’d feel browsing Ty Lee’s efficiency later you to definitely nights, Ty Lee expressed known uneasiness


Azula and you may Ty Lee got a somewhat complicated relationships due to their comparing personalities; if you are Azula is actually mean-demanding, good strategist, daunting and you may socially inept, Ty Lee was warmhearted, amicable, and you may very public. Even when Ty Lee appeared to take advantage of the princess’ business when they was in fact more youthful, lots of the girl tips appeared to be based out of anxiety out-of Azula since the she became elderly. [4] Ty Lee found Azula from the Royal Flames Academy for girls along with Mai. In their youngsters, Azula laughed since the she pushed Ty Lee down after the latter upstaged the girl inside the carrying out some cartwheels and you can somersaults, far to Ty Lee’s dised doing enjoy good prank into Mai and you can Zuko. [12]

Previous friend

When Azula stumbled on generate her for an objective to capture Zuko and you can Iroh (and soon after, Aang), Ty Lee initially refuted, saying she appreciated way of living during the Flame Nation circus. Into the circus’ tell you, Azula managed to get since the hazardous to own Ty Lee you could; so much so, one to Ty Lee nearly faulted when doing an enthusiastic acrobatic posture. Later, when Azula said she is actually waiting for the second day’s tell you, Ty Lee rapidly given up her quiet lifestyle and you may remaining having Azula.

While you are Ty Lee, at one point, regarded as Azula as the a pal, it actually was obvious you to definitely she devised a concern about the fresh little princess and is hesitant to disobey this lady. She did actually do have more esteem to own Azula, yet not, in place of Mai. Whenever Azula bought these to stick to the Avatar’s family, she went on the brand new quest, even jumping to your a canal of slurry and therefore Mai refused to means. She seemed around the newest little princess to some extent, openly appreciating their rely on. [1] [5]

Ty Lee did actually value Azula’s views regarding this lady and you can other things, showcased whenever she immediately first started weeping shortly after Azula insulted her. Azula seemed to worry about the lady buddy’s ideas in order to a particular training, declaring legitimate guilt for her actions. Yet not, when Zuko entitled Ty Lee an effective “circus freak”, Azula chuckled coldly, evaluating lds singles their prior to actions. [1] Ty Lee ventured to your Boiling Material jail with Azula and you can battled alongside this lady until Azula found that Mai aided Zuko escape. When Mai try seized, Azula happy to hit the woman down regarding anger. But not, Ty Lee decided to stop Azula’s chi to save Mai. Azula got them locked aside, which have Ty Lee offering the girl your final appearance of defiance before she are recinded. [7]

Such as Mai, Ty Lee seemed to don’t have a lot of empathy having Azula. She did not talk about Azula pursuing the Hundred year Battle concluded, rather choosing to move on and you may befriend the Kyoshi Warriors, who she promptly registered. [8]

Within this lady new lease of life, she was tasked to protect Azula along with Suki on the Zuko’s demand. In the event the little princess attacked the lady sis, Ty Lee is actually brief so you’re able to chi cut-off Azula, generating this lady a good scolded matter from the princess, asking the woman whenever “she”, referring to Ursa, had was able to pull away Ty Lee’s concern on her behalf. Brand new chi blocker stated you to definitely Azula generated no sense, in the event after she kept the area, she admitted so you can Zuko and you can Suki that Azula was actually completely wrong which she got never shed this lady worry to the lady. Later, whenever Azula usually teased Zuko along with his family relations while they waiting to set over to select Ursa, Ty Lee scolded Azula for always getting indicate to those around the woman. [10] Such thoughts for the princess remained, as Ty Lee admitted in order to Mai you to she feared for their safety after studying that Azula got vanished regarding the Forgetful Valley. Thinking if the Azula still wished payback in order to have started deceived, Ty Lee indexed having become unable to take care of a great “quiet state of mind”, usually checking her landscaping in the event that the fresh princess actually ever reemerged. [11]

Later, pursuing the slip away from Ba Play Se, Ty Lee returned to the fresh Fire Country. She and you can Azula went to the latest Boiling Material where it intervened for the a-try from the Zuko and Sokka to help you help save prisoners indeed there. Ty Lee don’t really run into Sokka, because she try obsessed which have attacking Suki. However, she seemed somewhat sad following the battle if it searched you to definitely Sokka and you will team were going to slip on the fatalities because the of your own wiring of its gondola are slashed. [7]

Ty Lee continued to own Mai’s faith, since the she try asked to greatly help assess Kei Lo’s genuine aim regarding Brand new Ozai Neighborhood and learn more about Ukano’s agreements for overthrowing Zuko. Its relationship was also comfy enough that they you will voice ailment on the one another, while the Ty Lee berated Mai having feigning affection for Kei Lo to locate him to speak, scolding her if you are “fake” and shady. [11]

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